kitchen-1940177_960_720There are many differences between professional kitchens and home kitchens. The biggest one is the pro-style or commercial grade equipment that restaurants use to pump out large quantities of high-quality food. When you’re thinking about hosting large parties or making dinners seamlessly, having those commercial grade items seem to make a lot of sense. But, the truth is that not all commercial grade kitchen equipment makes sense for a home kitchen. For instance, the weight of a commercial cast-iron range would require a specially enforced floor to ensure stability, not to mention the industrial exhaust hood you’d have to install. But, there are many pro-style and commercial items that can and should be considered for updating your kitchen and making your life a lot easier.

Pro-Style Verses Commercial

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to talk about the difference between pro-style and commercial appliances. Many people just assume they’re the same thing, but pro-style appliances are commercial inspired. So, in some cases where commercial won’t work well, there might be a pro-style appliance that is more functional than a normal appliance, but not quite as robust as a commercial appliance. In addition, pro-style appliances are often smaller, lighter, and more household friendly as they’re typically made for the average house over restaurants. With that being said, in some cases commercial appliances will be the best option. Just one reason why you might choose a commercial appliance over a pro-style appliance is that used commercial appliances can often bought for nearly nothing on at restaurant surplus auctions. For example, you can find a fairly new looking commercial countertop ice maker machine for sale for less than $100 at the right restaurant supply auction. So, keeping those differences in mind, here are some steps you can take to determine the appliances that are right for you.

How Big Is Your Kitchen?

3983469_d5c5fea4When you’re day dreaming about your new amazing kitchen it’s often easy to forget the reality of your kitchen’s size and shape. Realistically ask yourself how larger appliances will work with what you already have. Obviously, if you’re building a new house, you can instead think of the appliances you want and design the kitchen to work around them. A lot of commercial or even pro-style appliances are large. If you want a commercial range expect that will take up around five feet, then ask yourself if you really have five feet to add a range. You should also think about any additional entertaining areas where you use appliances. For instance, do you have a home bar or outdoor barbeque area to update?

Take Weight into Consideration

A lot of commercial and even some pro-style appliances are extremely heavy. We’re talking the weigh equivalent of a concert grand piano. That kind of weight actually requires a specially constructed concrete base to bear the load. Most average homes don’t have floors that are suitable for that amount of weight. So, this is something you will also need to take into account when choosing your new appliances.