10933280195_edd75f1294_bAnother major consideration is the type of ventilation system you need to have for pro-style and commercial ranges, and cooktops. Restaurant-style vent hoods intake ten times more air than a standard home-use hood. This amount of ventilation could remove so much air from an average sized home that it could create dangerous backdrafts. Because of this, an air makeup unit is often required with large ventilation devices. In other words, it’s important to check the ventilation requirements BEFORE getting your heart set on a particular cooktop. You’ll also probably have the most luck sticking to the pro-style appliances for ranges.

Some Appliances to Consider:

Once you’ve taken into account all the aforementioned things, it’s time to think about what appliances you might want.


One of the top commercial or pro-style appliance that people go for is the range. Most average houses will want to stay away from commercial ranges and opt for a pro-style range. Now, this does mean you will probably pay a bit more for the actually range, but you’ll save a lot in the long run because you won’t have to worry about changing your kitchen floors or worrying about specialty venting. Pro-style ranges come in a variety of sizes from 30 to 60 inch models and can be bought in a variety of configurations. The biggest thing to watch out for in your pro-style range research is making sure the price you’re paying for your pro-style actually equates to a better product. In some cases as in Ice Machines Plus companies have been found to call their products pro-style that really aren’t any different than a traditional oven. So, just keep that in mind as you do your search.


A lot of people desire to have a commercial refrigerator for the size as well as the long-lasting and durable stainless steel body and easy cleanup. The downsides to getting a commercial refrigerator include trying to find a repair man if necessary and finding a commercial refrigerator that meets energy standards for a house. Pro-style refrigerators do exist, and can be more home friendly, but they also lack some of the qualities the commercial is known for and once again, commercial refrigerators can be found used for a lot cheaper than a pro-style refrigerator.


Dishwashers are a unique thing. They really only come in commercial or residential. While you should take into account the fact that commercial dishwashers are designed for a specific purpose (bar dishwashers are designed for glasses etc), you should still be able to find a commercial dishwasher to fit your home needs. Just pay particular attention to the high or low temperature wash options. In most cases a high temperature dishwasher will work better for home use because the low temperature dishwashers require special chemicals that have to be ordered.